Modeling/Printing Instructions

How-To: Printing STL files

  1. Install ReplicatorG from (needs Sun JDK 6)
  2. Run ReplicatorG
  3. Machine ==> Machine Type (Driver) ==> Select appropriate machine (Replicator 2 in our case)
  4. File ==> Open... ==> Select appropriate .STL file
  5. Ensure proper positioning and that build volume isn't exceeded
  6. GCode ==> Generate ==> Generate GCode (ensure proper settings, i.e. Replicator 2 slicing defaults)
  7. Click third icon in toolbar (Build to file for use with SD card) ==> Select .x3g as file format ==> Save output file
  8. Move generated .x3g file to SD card and insert it into MakerBot Replicator 2
  9. Select appropriate file on MakerBot and start printing

How-To: Generating STL files with Blender

  1. Install blender via apt
  2. Run blender
  3. Create your mesh
  4. Ensure your mesh is watertight and contains no holes
  5. Check that normals are pointing outward
  6. Select your mesh
  7. File ==> Export ==> STL ==> Save output
  8. Open STL file in ReplicatorG
  9. Ensure proper positioning and size (do not rescale in ReplicatorG as it will also scale layer thickness accordingly, rather build model such that STL file stretches to target size in ReplicatorG)
  10. Proceed as normal